Information on Companies

Our financial investment in human rights abuses:

Elbit Systems Ltd.

Violation of the Right to Education:

i) Assists in disrupting the education of over 53,000 college, elementary and high school students.
ii) Assists in preventing 6832 college, elementary and high school students from receiving an education.

Violation of the Right to Access to Water:

i) Complicit in blocking access to water. As a result a population of 3.5 million is only allowed to consume 48% of the World Health Organization’s recommended amount of water per capita. This leads to the spread of disease, and the destruction of agriculture and industry.

Violation of the Right to Freedom of Movement:

i) Directly complicit in preventing a population of over 100,000 civilians from accessing families, farms, and their work places.

Violation of the Right to Health:

i) Ensures the obstruction of 40,000 civilians from accessing doctors and hospitals in emergencies. Policy has resulted in prolonged human suffering, trauma, severe health complications, and death.

Hadiklaim Ltd.

Violation of Basic Labor Rights by:

i) Leaving laborers on 10-20 feet high trees for 7 – 10 hours per day, forcing them to eat, urinate, and defecate while on trees, and calling them “monkeys.”
ii) Not recognizing labor unions, and punishing those who decide to organize.
iii) Theft of agricultural land from indigenous farmers.
iv) Financially and economically assisting in the perpetuation of violent conflict and oppression that results in indigenous unemployment rates of 23% – 40%.
v) Ignores worker health and safety regulations.
vi) Abuses child laborers.

Tarifi Cement Ltd.

Corruption: Diversion of International Aid for personal use.

Violations similar to those committed by Elbit Systems Ltd. above.

Dar Alnashr Lilhaya’a Masria Iilijaz AlIlmi

Publishes anti-Semitic hate speech and incitement.

Publishes materials supporting violence against innocent civilians and women.